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This is a brand-new service MAO offers large scale Integrated Resorts (IR) in Macau that provides a complete project execution package, a bundle of all relevant disciplines into a single contract with clients.

Key to this is our new streamlined process, which allows for significant savings in time and manpower. In addition to offering a full-package service, MAO can also engage in projects in cooperation with client-nominated interior design consultants for greater organization, coordination, and efficiency. In this case, MAO can take care of all other tasks, including but not limited to project management, regulatory submission, MEP design, fire and life safety design, all the way to construction completion.


In this role, our architects offer their knowledge and skills to assist other architects, interior designers, and clients. This service includes advice and guidance in architectural design, safety standards, construction techniques, aesthetics, and professional development.

Often, an AC works together with large architectural, interior design, and/or construction firms directing design and construction teams and providing unique perspectives on the design process.

Key duties:
・Developing blueprints and master plan for projects.
・Assisting clients with planning and budget.
・Providing advice on aesthetic choices.


Our regulatory consultancy service offers thorough project reviews ensuring a that they comply with all relevant legal and regulatory standards, as well as applicable governmental policies, from start to finish.

Due to the unique circumstances in Macau, the regulations for large scale Integrated Resorts (IR) are a complicated array of local and international codes. With rich knowledge and experience in both local and international projects, MAO has offered thorough guidance in these areas throughout the years, helping a long and growing list of clients successfully navigate this complex area with ease.

Aside from the technical issues mentioned above, an experienced RC can also save clients a significant amount of time and money, especially when tackling governmental and regulatory documentation, which if done without proper experience can result in weeks and even months of unnecessary time added onto a project’s timeline.