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Craftsmanship &

Custom-welded steel panel walls cast a vision of sharp contrasts. A mill scale technique was utilized allowing various natural oxides and other impurities to impart organic textures and coloration on each individual panel. Welding tools were then used to further impart unique shapes and textures, a feature revealed by the interplay of light and shadow throughout store.

In keeping with Amanojak’s stark white minimalist interior, metalwork fixtures were kept as sparse as possible. This was achieved by creating a custom-welded mill scale steel hanging rod spanning the entire length of the wall in the frontal retail space. Less durable materials simply would not have sufficed.

Amanojak’s fashion selection usually highlights unique textural elements, a nod to the unique individual craftsmanship embedded in each item. Our design scheme played on this theme, with texture and contrast as central themes. Thus, in the back of the retail space we erected painted steel hanging rods with a smooth finish to stand out against that space’s rough concrete walls. This contrasts heavily with the use of rough steelwork used in the serene, monochrome frontal retail space.

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Amanojak. at Sendagi, Tokyo,